The Forgotten Continent

Many people choose to act as if the continent of Africa did not exist, and it would seem that to many, that would be preferable. The way Africa is talked about in many cases is that it is a barbaric area of the world beyond help. It’s the equivalent of walking passed a homeless man on the street and feeling the tug of your conscience as you walk by. People don’t like to remember that there is an entire continent struggling to survive. Internet memes like “White People Problems” or “First-World Problems” make fun of how seriously many people in the developed world take their menial problems, and while those phrases are thrown around in jest, I believe them to be somewhat sobering to people who would sooner forget their African counterparts.

Chiwengo’s article describes much of Africa’s problems regarding being left-behind in the rest of the world’s radar. There are those issues that interest the global public, and those that don’t. Some issues make people more uncomfortable than they’d like (mass rape, torture, diarrheal disease), and those issues that people find just upsetting enough without going too far down the rabbit hole of the world’s terrors (child soldiers in Uganda, clean water).

I believe that getting involved, no matter what level of injustice, is a positive for development. However, the aid people around the world receive should not be based upon our comfort zones.

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