Health Care Inequity

Paul Farmer‘s chapter “New Malaise” on medical ethics around the world looks at the inequity in the standard of care provided to people around the world. He says, “What I am suggesting is that ethical codes and review boards are not always helpful, to put it politely. They often share an unacknowledged agreement that in fact all humans are not created equal and that this inequality accounts for both differential distribution of disease and differential standards of care.”

His chapter explains that there is a big difference between providing care and providing quality care. However, many people around the world are vulnerable to the neglect in realizing this difference. People receive lesser care because it is expected that that do. More things could be done, but it is as if the status quo of poor health care remains as it is because few people believe it should or can be changed.

This is witnessed no better than in the rampant diarrheal disease all over the world. A disease so preventable and treatable should not take as many lives as it does. When a disease is able to be eliminated from the developed world, clearly the solution is there to prevent it elsewhere. Poverty should not beget diseases so preventable.

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