Be Natural!

This week’s reading Can the Mosquito Speak examines the incident where the Aswan Dam was built in order to navigate the flow of the Nile to more areas and thus expand Egypt’s agricultural and food production.  However the construction of this dam contributed to the spread of malaria by creating a pathway for the malaria carrying mosquitoes. To combat the malaria, DDT was used to kill the mosquitoes.  Although the DDT was found to be harmless, it was continued to be used.  This example epitomizes the cycle of man battling nature and the way that man attempts to manipulate nature fixing one problem but causing new natural problems to arise. Then man again seeks to solve the problem with technology which then creates new problems. Thus the cycle continues.

This resonates with the ongoing cycle where formula milk companies attempted to fix the problem of malnutrition by pushing formula milk products on women in third world countries.  This manmade solution to lack of nutrition created new problems because of the bacteria carried in the water used in the formula milk products. Trying to use technology to solve baby malnutrition actually increased the problem of baby deaths in third world countries because more babies contracted diarrhea disease. The most natural solution- breast milk from the babies’ own mother is actually the safest form of nutrients that a mother can give her child.

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