Diarrheal Disease In India’s Ganges River Region

The Ganges River presents a unique insight into the basics of Diarrheal Disease (DD), including symptoms, causes, long-term and short-term impacts and treatment. Further, the interaction between cultural/religious beliefs and biomedical beliefs at the Ganges River illuminates conflicts between culture and public health in the region. Hinduism, the dominant religion in India, requires ceremonial bathing in the polluted Ganges River water and is subsequently increasing the spread of DD. Despite the efforts of global health workers, Hindu ideology in India continues to take precedence over public health advice. While the developed world may have the medical knowledge to alleviate disease, it is important to understand that in some cultures, religious practices overshadow conflicting scientific evidence. There is a tension for global health advocates who strive to reduce mortality rates while respecting people’s cultures.


Diarrheal Disease in India’s Ganges River Region